Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) Master of Arts

The Department of Community Sustainability offers a Master of Arts (MA) Degree as a way for individuals to advance professional knowledge through education in the context of agriculture, food and natural resources.  The AFNRE MA offers a program of study with foundational education courses in youth leadership, experiential learning, and laboratory learning in the context of agriculture, food and natural resources.

Students interested in applying the AFNRE MA program, please visit the MSU Admissions website.

The Master of Arts program in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) is designed principally for persons who wish to acquire advanced professional knowledge related to AFNR in educational settings. This master’s program in AFNRE consists of (1) practice-centered inquiry in professional, interdisciplinary, and foundational studies of AFNR, and (2) inquiry in educational settings. The program is designed for certified teachers and other educators who wish to continue their professional studies in agriculture, food and natural resources education.

Below is a list of links for students in the AFNRE MA:

AFNRE MA Introduction Video and Introduction Document

AFNRE MA Graduate Handbook

AFNRE MA Recruitment Flyer

Program Planning Timeline Document

Program Plan Form

MSU Behavioral Threat Assessment Team "Green Folder" Reference Material

Project Proposal Approval Form

Annual Student Assessment Form

Impact Project Guidelines