Grow Your Money: Investing and Risk

Chalkboard with the word investing written on it


This interactive self-guided course using Nearpod will explore: the difference between saving and investing, simple interest, compound interest, the Rule of 72, types and methods of investing, risk and rewards, and steps to build wealth.

  • This course is designed for youth age 12-19.
  • For this self-guided lesson, participants will need to verify their log-in with a Google or Office 365 credentials, verifying only their first and last name. This allows participants to return to the lesson and complete the lesson where they left off. If an e-mail does not work (particularly a school e-mail), please use a personal e-mail address.  Please contact Kathy Jamieson at if there are issues with log-in
  • To access the course go to:

This program was originally made possible by a grant from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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