Youth Employment

African_school_kidsWith 62% of Africa’s population being under 25 years of age, youth employment is a recurrent issue for FSP activities. For example, early findings show that the productivity of youth labor (and rural labor in general) employed in both farming and non-farming sectors is significantly influenced by local farmland distribution patterns. Strategies that effectively improve productivity and profitability of farming are critical to expanding employment opportunities and improving youth livelihoods. Although not identified initially as a cross cutting theme, FSP is contributing to an understanding of the evolving role of youth in agriculture.

Recommended research paper:
F. Kwame Yeboah and Thomas S. Jayne. 2016. Africa’s Evolving Employment Structure. F. Kwame Yeboah and T.S. Jayne. Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research Paper 31. East Lansing: Michigan State University

Photo: School kids in Kenya (credit: Thomas Jayne)