Alumni Board


To build relationships that serve our college, alumni, students and friends of MSU.


The board consists of seventeen members representing each of the college departments, MSU Extension, young alumni and six at-large members. These members meet four times a year: September, December, March and July. Meetings are held in East Lansing.


  • In addition to board meetings, board members are expected to be available for phone conference calls.
  • All board members must be recognized annually as Spartan Loyal, with at least $100 in cumulative annual gifts to the University, with at least a portion of the $100 designated to CANR alumni initiatives.
  • Members are to serve on at least two committees.
  • Board members serve as advisors to the director of alumni relations and special events of the CANR Alumni Association regarding alumni programming, as well as liaisons between the college, the academic departments, the alumni and the agriculture and natural resources industries.
  • In addition to attending board meetings, members are expected to host and assist with special events.
  • Members of the board do not have fiduciary responsibility. However, board members are to actively engage in fundraising in ways that are best suited for the individual. This may include individual and business solicitations(s), undertaking special events, writing mail appeals and thank you letters, phoning individuals and the like.
  • Board members make a good faith agreement to assist in the growth of the organization.
  • Board members may serve two (2) two year terms. Terms begin September 1.

Alumni Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Jordan Burroughs
  • Katie Cook
  • Dennis Crum
  • Duke Elsner
  • Jason Fleming
  • Cheryl Gilliam
  • Alexis Hermiz
  • Melvin Mance
  • Carey Mitchelson
  • Matt Moussiaux
  • Marci Scott
  • Leslie Siefka
  • Matt Smego
  • Jason Smith
  • Larry Walker
  • Jennifer Whitford
  • Lisa Woodke
  • Valerie Wright
  • Isaiah Wunsch
  • Tami Baumann
  • Faith Brooks-Mason
  • Doug Buhler
  • Jill Cords
  • Nick McLaren
  • Kelly Millenbah
  • Dru Montri
  • Quentin Tyler







Board Nominations

To learn more about how you can get involved or serve on the CANR Alumni Board, please contact Faith Brooks-Mason.

CANRAA Board News

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