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Become a 4-H advocate

Share with others how 4-H shaped your life or how the lessons you learned as a 4-H’er are still impacting you today. By telling your #4HGrown story, the visibility of 4-H will increase in your community and nationwide – helping to expose more young people to the life-changing experiences they can have through 4-H. Consider sharing with your friends and family, colleagues and even online.

Reflect on your 4-H experience and start sharing! Connect with other alumni by using #4HGrown online.


Donate to Michigan 4-H

Across the state, many 4-H programs and opportunities are made possible through the generous support of donors. Whether you want to sponsor a child’s participation fees for one year or make an ongoing contribution to a specific area of interest, there are donation options for every level of support and every dollar helps to make 4-H opportunities possible in Michigan.

Donate now to the Michigan 4-H Foundation to help inspire more kids and build the skills they need to become true leaders.