2019 Annual Agricultural Policy Conference

5th Annual Agricultural Policy Conference (AAPC 2019)

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5th AAPC Report

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Agricultural Sector Transformation



The 5th AAPC was held on February 13-15, 2019 in Dodoma, Tanzania. The conference tapped onto existing efforts by the Government of Tanzania including the recently launched Agricultural Sector Development Program (ASDP-2) and the inception of the reforms under the Blueprint for Regulatory Reforms to Improve the Business Environment, commonly referred to as the Blueprint. The 5th AAPC is themed “Prioritizing Agriculture in the Industrialization Agenda for Tanzania under ASDP-2” and captures very well the 5th phase government agenda for industrialization in which agriculture has to be the driver, as the source of raw materials and workforce, especially for the low skilled labor.

ASDP-2 prioritizes value chains according to agro-ecological zones and hence it makes sense to analyze policy issues in the context of value chain.

The 5th AAPC will analyze policy issues in the context of value chains including staples, traditional and non-traditional exports, livestock and fisheries, import substitution, farm inputs and farm services.

About AAPC
AAPC is an annual flagship event organized by the Policy Analysis Group (PAG), an informal and voluntary group with members working on agricultural policy projects and initiatives, academia and local and international policy think tanks. Established in 2013, the group has 20 members and provides a platform for sharing information on policy research and activities so as to enhance coordination, collaboration and synergy. PAG also aims at ensuring consistency in policy messaging.

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