Examples & Outputs

of activities and topics covered under C1 and C2

Mechanization of Agriculture in MalawiWest Africa:

MotorizedPlough-MalawiEastern and Southern Africa:

  • Research and analytical support to Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia
  • Capacity building in Partial Equilibrium modeling and crop outlook forecasting—Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi
  • Institutional architecture assessment to focus on policy gaps
  • The economics and political economy of local government authority (LGA) levies in Tanzania
  • Journalists training on food, agriculture, and nutrition policy issues in Malawi and South Africa (see also a report on IFPRI’s website)
  • Training and capacity building of national statistical agency
  • Support to the Malawi Department of Land Resources and Conservation in developing crop suitability maps
  • Stakeholder assessment of the agriculture and food security policy processes in Malawi
  • Capacity building support to IAPRI, Zambia (see an example of an IAPRI publication reflecting this support, and the capacity building workshop on using economic household models - Part 1 and Part 2)


  • Research and analytical support to Myanmar
  • Capacity Building for CSOs and think-tank organization (i.e., MDRI-CESD)
  • Research study on “Strategic Planning for Irrigation Development in Myanmar”
  • Backstopping application of kaleidoscope model for improved policy process analysis and integration of evidence into policy making and following presentation

 Photo: Motorized plough in Malawi