Under Publications, you will find:

FSP publishes its own series of Research Papers. They address researchers, policy makers, donor agencies, educators, and international development practitioners. They  provide the evidence for policy recommendations. These papers present the research methodology and detailed results with a synthetic conclusion. These can have a country, regional, or more global focus. They are co-authored, reflecting the multi-disciplinary, collaborative and cross-institutional work of FSP.

FSP Policy Research Brief series articulates the evidence-base and knowledge acquired from the research, with the policy recommendations. These are short synopses (2-4 pagers) outlining the main results and their possible implications for policy. This series more directly addresses government officials, policy- and decision-makers.

In addition, country programs may have their own country-specific briefs series to disseminate ongoing research and methodological outputs that are not quite ready to be published as Research Papers or Policy Research Briefs. Currently Burma produces “Research Highlights,” and Tanzania, “Policy Reform Brief.” These summaries (2-6 pagers) address country-specific audience of policy makers, private investors and other stake-holders.

FSP team members also publish their findings in peer reviewed publications of national and international reputation.

Slides from conferences and presentations are available under Outreach.