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Selected Publications

Mather, D. 2011. “Working-Age Adult Mortality, Orphan Status, and Child Schooling in Rural Mozambique.” International Development Working Paper 117.

Mather, D., D. Boughton, and T.S. Jayne. 2011. “Smallholder Heterogeneity and Maize Market Participation in Southern and Eastern Africa: Implications for Investment Strategies to Increase Marketed Food Staple Supply.” International Development Working Paper 113.

Mather, D. 2011. “Poverty, AIDS, Orphanhood, Gender and Child Schooling in sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of the Evidence.” MSU International Development Working Paper 116.

Mather, D. and T.S. Jayne. 2011. “The Impact of State Marketing Board Operations on Smallholder Behavior and Incomes: The Case of Kenya.” MSU International Development Working Paper 119.

Jayne, T.S., D. Mather, and E. Mghenyi. 2010. “Principal Challenges Facing Smallholder Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.”  World Development, 38:10: pp 1384-1398.

Boughton, D., D. Mather, C. Barrett, R. Benfica, and D. Abdula. 2007.  “Market Participation by Rural Households in a Low-Income Country: An Asset-Based Approach Applied to Mozambique.”  Faith and Economics 50, pp. 64-101.

Mather, D., C. Donovan, T. Jayne, and M. Weber.  2005.  “Using Empirical Information in the Era of HIV/AIDS to Inform Mitigation and Rural Development Strategies: Selected Results from African Country Studies.”  American Journal of Agricultural Economics v87:5, pp. 1289-1297.

Mather, D., R. Bernsten, J.C. Rosas, A. Viana, and D. Escoto.  2003. “The Economic Impact of Bean Disease Research in Honduras,” Agricultural Economics v29, n3 Special Issue December, pp. 343-52.